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Send your comments about the reunion to hroseman@shaw.ca. All are welcome, whether or not you were there in person.


Congratulations to the team for a job well done! A most enjoyable time. Thank you for all your efforts.  Safe travels and all the best.

-- Peter Assaly


I had intended to attend the reunion and bought my plane tickets. At the last minute, I had to return to Louisiana to deal with a health situation with one of the children. I hope that we won't have to wait for a 75th reunion to get together again. From what I have read on the website here, this was a fantastic 50th.

-- Alan Cohen 



Kudos and many thanks to yourself and the other members of the organizing committee for organizing such a great reunion. I enjoyed sharing experiences with former classmates, many of whom I had not known very well at MRHS. Most of us have a very different perspective on life from what we had in 1968!

Incidentally, you really burst my bubble when you told me Bill Mannard beat me in the wall hang event of the fitness challenge. For 50 years, I thought I had won that event! Ah well, if I ever see Bill I will congratulate him and challenge him to a rematch with one major difference, we will both be allowed to stand on a stool, or sit in our wheelchairs, while we are hanging!

Best wishes and thanks again.

-- Tom Currie


Howard, what a wonderful evening!

How lucky we are that you put the time and effort into planning a reunion for all of us to enjoy. You and your committee did a great job. The evening was terrific, warm, meaningful and lots of fun. I think everyone was overjoyed to be there. It really couldn’t have been any better. I sincerely want you to know your efforts were appreciated.

-- Terry Dobrin Minzberg


Dear Sue, Susan, Steve and Howard,

Thank you very much for all the work you did to make this event a reality.  It was well thought out, allowed for each of us who participated to do it in our own individual style, and the dinner and venue for Saturday night were just perfect to bring people together.

Thank you again for all the hard work from which we all benefited.

-- Margaret Douek Ellner


To Sue, Howard, Steve and Susan, who organized our MRHS 50 yr. reunion, thank you for all your hard work and diligence. The entire event was a great success! I was struck by the talent we had at our school and the sad fact that the political situation resulted in many/most of us moving away. I am so glad I went to the reunion and saw so many ‘old’ schoolmates. MRHS was a special place when we were there as students. How lucky we were.

I hope the organizing committee is feeling our gratitude and smiling about how well things went. Great event. Lots of memories. 

-- Jennifer Duncan Thompson 


THANK YOU to the Reunion Committee for making this event happen. I never dreamed I would fly to Montreal and attend a high school reunion. Now I am so glad I did and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It took a moment of bravery to push open the door to Thursday's and walk through…and then I loved every moment! It was both satisfying and comforting to look upon your familiar faces from elementary to high school and learn how lives unfolded. Many of us spoke about how we missed those who were not there.

Thanks again to those who made the event happen. Your hard work was evident and much appreciated.  I wish you all, my classmates, joy and good health into the future.

-- Janet Finlayson



I would like to thank you all for such a great time. I am sure the workload must have been tedious. 

So thank you so much!!

-- Alan Knopp


Dear Howard,


I am blushing with embarrassment as I write this, because it has been two months since that wonderful week end, and thank you notes are meant to be sent within twenty-four hours, no? Well, I broke that rule, didn't' I?


Is it too late to tell you that I returned to Brussels so absolutely happy - I cannot find a better word - full of energy and plans, that I hit the ground running and kept putting off, and putting off, the thank you note till tonight. For sure it was the wonderful MRHS weekend that gave me that push - the joy of friendship, the strength of connection. Just the laughter! Thank you! To you, Sue, Susan and Steve for all you did.


Please include me in any "let's keep in touch" plans you are cooking up. I promise to do better.


Bisous from Brussels,


-- Christine Laphkas



Dear Sue, Howard, Susan and Steve,

Thank you for making our 50th reunion so special. A huge applause of appreciation for all your dedication and hard work.

It was a delight to reconnect with the 1968 graduates. Amazing how many more memories popped up while we chatted. Also so very pleased that both Steve Forman and Joe Rabinovitch attended. Interesting to converse with them as adults and personally convey our particular memories and thoughts.

The Sunday visit to MRHS was a stroll down memory lane and lots of fun. The caretaker was so nice and accommodating to open up some classrooms (my Grade 11 homeroom, the music theory room, ...) allowing us to crossover the threshold into the "past".

Thanks again for all!  Wishing all the MRHS 1968 grads the best and happy times ahead.

-- Joanne MacDonald (Giorgi)


Dear Howard,

I have been looking at the reunion materials you have sent to us all, even those who did not attend. I still teach at various universities and these are booked a year or two in advance. I am sorry I did not make what seems to have been a special event, appreciated by all. Your efforts must have been enormous and well appreciated.

I wish I could thank those who help plan this event and apologize to those same people for not attending. Sometimes you don’t appreciate the effect you may have had on others, but I have received many emails. People whose lives I seem to have touched (so they say) along the way. Who knew?

Anyways , thank you for all your work and your sharing with all of us. It sounds like it was amazing. Please share this email, if you can with others. I’m not sure where to post it. But I will endeavour to communicate if I can with other graduates from MRHS, class of '68.
-- Dr.Malcolm Miller, B.Sc.Magna Cum Laude (McGill); DDS (McGill); Dip.Perio.(UConn); M.Sc.Admin(Pacific); M.A.Ed. (Columbia); F.R.C.D.(C), A.A.P. Diplomate.


I'm back home in Palm Springs and have been reflecting upon the reunion. The two words that come to mind are magical and surreal! I attended all three events but even having done so there are some people with whom I didn't speak and others with whom I would have liked to have spoken to longer ... quel dommage. A huge thank you to Sue, Howard, Steve and Susan for undertaking the enormous task of organizing this event and providing us with the opportunity to create many wonderful, lasting memories. It was a huge success and I hope that you are all feeling an immense sense of satisfaction!! 

-- Shelley Miller-Mantell


Sue, Susan, Howard and Steve:

I can’t even begin to imagine what it took to pull this off! But you did it with grace, caring, enthusiasm, and skill, and that translated into a reunion beyond my wildest imagination.

It was hard not to be touched by going down memory lane with you all and to be reminded of our roots and the origins that made us what we are. Kudos to you and your confreres, and know that your effort touched the lives of so many. And a big thanks to Rhoda Resiman for the fabulous brunch of BFFs on Sunday.

Hugs galore!

-- Suzanne Miller


The reunion was a resounding success and thanks to Sue, Susan, Howard and Steven S. for taking the initiative. I really enjoyed seeing friends and acquaintances.

The sad thing is that it is over and there are some people that I never got a chance to talk to. Again thanks to the committee for your excellent work and great choice of venue.


-- Janet Odell Bourke


Dear Howard,

I just returned from overseas and it was so special to read the post-reunion synopses and sentiments from our various classmates from Graduating Class '68. I am so sorry I could not be there to share with all of you what was clearly an incredible weekend.

I would like to congratulate you and the committee for what was obviously great work and organization and I would ask you to please extend to Steve and the Susans that it is so clear from the comments and summaries that the event was an amazing and meaningful experience for all and that you are responsible for this gift to the class.

I sincerely hope that we can find a way to reconnect in the near future and again, I wanted you to know how much I regret that I could not share this experience with you and the others who were there.
Warmest regards,

-- Paul Ostrov


Dear Howard,

Bravo!  Chapeaux ! Chapeaux!

Everything about the evening was extraordinary! The venue, food and service were top notch but most of all, the VIBE, the warmth, the genuine interest and delight we all shared in reconnecting and in remembering....

Bless you, Sue, Steve, Susan and everyone else involved in organizing this life affirming event!

Wishing you all great health, great adventures, great meaning and great joy!

Big hug.

-- Gloria Prupas Steinberg


To the organizing committee,

Many thanks for your extraordinary work with the reunion. It was really special. Amazed how many former classmates attended. So memorable. 

Keep in touch.

-- Ellen Reisman Babby



Thank you so much for providing so many of us with very cherished memories. Each event was so carefully planned out and it showed!!

Please pass on my congratulations to the committee for bringing this past weekend to a resounding success. I held a small brunch yesterday afternoon for some of my closest friends from Algonquin and MRHS. If you would like, I can pass on some pics from the afternoon. It was great to see you and all my former classmates. Robin Springer told me that somehow during the weekend we felt as if we were still in our “teens”! Again, a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to make this past weekend possible, which filled us with many memories we will never forget.

I hope that you have a deep sense of satisfaction in pulling off this amazing weekend we will all be talking about for years to come! Hugs to you all.

-- Rhoda Reisman


Well, it’s all over, and I imagine everyone who was there this weekend has been left with a wealth of impressions and memories. My single conclusion is that the 2018 MRHS Reunion, Class of 1968 was an unmitigated success (said as an attendee, not an organizer!). I’d like to thank Sue and my fellow organizers Susan and Steve for making it happen, along with everybody who attended one of the events Friday, Saturday or Sunday, because that’s what made it shine. We witnessed nothing this weekend other than old friends coming together again (after checking the name tag, of course) and even several new friendships being formed.

I'll add that I liked everyone a little more this time around. Twenty-five more years has mellowed most of us compared to '93, and we all seemed to appreciate each others' company more. Let’s not wait another 25, plenty of ways to stay in touch.

-- Howard Roseman



It was a hoot. You and the committee did a wonderful job organizing.

Hope to keep in touch.

-- Albert Rosengarten


Hi Howard.

I had a fabulous time at the reunion this weekend thanks mostly to the efforts of the organizing committee. I’m so happy I was able to rework my weekend to make the trip possible. It was great that so many people were able to attend. It was a special event. I have sent pictures in separate emails.

Thanks again.

-- Brian Sacks


Great evening – evenings. We returned yesterday.
Thank you Howard and your fellow organizers. Wonderful to reconnect with old friends… after so many years… 
Thank you again, and the Susans and Steve. Very appreciated.
-- Brian Shell


A great big thank you to Howard, the 2 Sues and Steve for a wonderful wonderful job of getting the reunion and us all together. It was beautifully organized and great fun. Truly.

-- Robin Springer


When I received the original email from Sue asking if anyone would like to participate on the reunion committee, I was a little reluctant because I didn’t think there would be much interest considering the passage of time. In any case I thought I’d give it a shot.  

When the four of us started working together, it became obvious that we were always on the same page and all decisions and challenges were easy to address. Things unfolded seamlessly led by Howard’s excellent work on the website, email list creation and email blasts, and Sue & Susan’s local work choosing the venues and menu. 

It was a real pleasure working with this dynamite group; I will miss our back and forth emails. 

On Friday and Saturday, when I started seeing friends from 50 years ago, it was quite moving. It meant more to me than I thought it would; I truly loved it!

Here’s a little tidbit from the night. Each time I met one of the Steves on Saturday night, they all came up to me and said: “Remember in Algonquin when there were 7 Steves in one class in grade 3 or 4?” Stephen Carson, Stephen Barnes and Steven Vineberg and I all shared that story. 

By the way, the other Steves included Stephen Aronson, Steve Yaffe and Stephen Rothman. 

I think the teachers did that on purpose; maybe one had name-memory issues and this was the way she compensated. In any case, it gave us a story for our lives.  

I hope the reunion had the same affect on everyone who attended and rekindles old friendships.

-- Steve Stober


Hi Howard,

Congratulations to you and Ellen and your partners Sue, Susan, and Steve on the organizing committee. In spite of not always feeling well, I had a wonderful time at the events. In my experience it is always worth it to make the effort for an important event like this even if one needs to recover later.

I didn’t get to meet or talk to everyone but enjoyed reconnecting to everyone that I did see. The challenge for each of us is now to continue to make the effort to connect in the future. It was a remarkable group from a remarkable era. I am proud of all that we have accomplished in our lives and amazed at how things have turned out.

Thanks again to everyone.

-- David Stuart


I wouldn't say it is all over but rather it was the start of something good! Seeing new faces (the blessed patient people who came with their spouse) and visiting with familiar faces was like walking back to a place in time that, for me, has good memories and lots of stories. Apparently, people like to tell me things and (because I can keep my mouth shut, I was told), people still do! It continues today and has throughout my Nursing career.

I was taken with the number of anecdotes people had about other students that we didn't even realize and what effect and feeling people took away even if you weren't 'friends' at the time. So to those who would say - "I don't know anyone so I won't go" - I say - come to the next one cause everyone seemed to have a story or memory about every picture in the yearbook. I brought my Yearbook, had folks sign it and then listened as stories about everyone on the page came through! wow!

Even folks who weren't part of your circle turned out to have a story or two about many of us, with common experiences. I found this out in Nursing Residence ('69-'72) too, it was like you just saw them and you'd been talking for years! I also found out some of you had a rough time and many of us had no idea - so I am proud of how you met the challenge, moved forward and persisted to your success despite or because of the challenges- thank you for sharing that with me.

Accommodations were great and, although I didn't make it into the pool, I enjoyed the facilities, the proximity to events and the sharing of transport to Thursday's!! Janet - I still owe you $10 bucks- next time, OK?!! Crescent St. was fantastic and has managed to exist and sustain itself for so many years! And the Leonard Cohen artwork on the side of that building was fabulous!! Loved Le Living Room and what a fabulous venue - I wanted more speeches somehow and some story-telling but maybe it's better how it rolled! Kudos Howard and Steve for trying to quiet this group! a task of untold effort!!

The Tour at MRHS on Sunday: OMG - talk about flashbacks! Chris H.- sorry you had so many visits to the Principal's office; Alan B. got very animated and he was able to remind me of the Librarian-Mrs. Frew. There were a number of us who spent very little time in there and that became evident when they couldn't tell us where is was?? The Caf - flashback city - and happiness to those of you who had lockers next to it where you didn't have to take books back to your locker near the Teachers' Staff room and then hightail it to the cafeteria before a lunchtime practice or club meet!!!

The only reason I ever went down in The Tombs hallway (basement) - as I called it - was to avoid traffic in the main hallways and to get to Geometry with Mr. Forman (yes, Steve now) who hasn't changed a bit BTW!!!

I could write a line for everyone I spoke to and bore you to death so I won't. And to those who didn't recognise me - oddly - I want to say Thank you! (look at the Yearbook and you'll figure it out!)

Howard - to Ellen - you have a special person there! She was so supportive, helpful, interested, funny and knew so much of/about the class. I found that very warm and honestly interested . Ellen -thank you so much!

Howard - for your energy and commitment and contagious efforts, thank you. I am not sure as many of the guys would have shown without your promotion and Steve's, too.

Sue S. Meyer and Susan Shatilla and Steve S.- thank you soooooo much for all your hard work and all the details it took to pull this off. And to your families for letting us borrow you and your time!

Take the time now Everyone to get those emails into your address books and, even if it just a short note here and there, stay connected. Remember to send a change of address /email, too if you switch. I don't think we should wait another 50 years and, maybe, locally, people can get together. Marcia C. Ball- we'll connect soon!

From me - thank you for all the smiles, the jokes and laughs, your senses of humour, your warm reception and for stories remembering me that I didn't even know people had. It means more than you realize. PLUS, I have a whole bunch of new places to visit and people to stay with! Aren't you thrilled?!

PS> If you're ever near Barrie, On. call me and say Hi!

Gratefully and with a smile.

-- Linda Taylor


Let me add my gratitude to those of my classmates to Sue, Susan, Howard and Steve.  I felt I was in a kind of spell all weekend and now, a week and a half later, I still haven't entirely shaken it off.  Wonderful to see so many of you.

-- Steve Vineberg


You guys did a fantastic job with the reunion. Everyone had a great time.  Thank you so much for putting it all together!

-- Wendy Weinstein Durant


To the Reunion Committee: It was a joy to reunite with all of you this weekend. Cannot thank you enough for all the work that you did to organize this event for us. You created so much happiness and memories to last a lifetime! Big hugs to all of you.

-- Gail Wong


Hi Howard and Sue and all the people involved.

A lot of hard work and great success to you.  

I really enjoy the web site and emails, although I could not attend, as we were in Israel for the holidays.

Thank you for being so inclusive by sending emails and photos to everyone.

This is a wonderful souvenir. 

-- Sandra Zelikovic