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Chris impressed us Carlyle School kids the first time we saw him. He joined our class in grade 5 or 6 after his family moved into an apartment above Taylor's across from Connaught Park. In gym class, he dazzled us with flips, cartwheels and other moves that none of us could dream of doing. Quiet as a mouse otherwise. A few years later at MRHS, we witnessed his pure athleticism again one day when the teachers set up the gymnastics apparatus just for him. High bar, parallel bars, vault, pommel horse--he handled it all like an Olympian. True to form, in his Torch entry, gymnastics was listed third. First was the Other Drummers Club. Chris definitely danced to his own music.

Some of it was in his genes. Chris's mother was one of the amazing Wurtele twins (click HERE for more), and father Gene was part of the 1948 Canadian Olympic ski team. Rather than following these impressive examples, Chris moved to New York City and established himself as a modern dancer and choreographer, to the point where he was the heir apparent to Paul Taylor and his renowned dance company. Sadly, mere weeks before our first MRHS reunion in the fall of 1993, Chris succumbed to AIDS. Gone much too soon.