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1. Where should I direct any questions about the site?

If you don't see your concern addressed in the FAQ list here in this section, use the Contact Us tab. Questions will be answered by the site administrator as quickly as possible.
2. Why do we need passwords on this site?

Mainly for security. The site password required to get in keeps out Google bots and casual hackers, while the password attached to your Username ensures only you can make changes to your profile.
3. I'd prefer my email address to remain private to avoid spam, etc. Is that possible?

Not only is it possible, we've designed the site that way. We require you to enter your email address on your Classmates profile for announcements and mailings, but nowhere is it displayed. If you wish to talk with another classmate, just click on Send a Message under their Classmates profile. Of course, there's nothing to prevent anyone from sharing their email in a private message.

NOTE: Some tabs, such as Guest Book and Blog, allow you to optionally enter your email address, but we recommend leaving that field blank.
4. What do I do if I get "stuck" in a tab and can't get back to the main menu?
Just click on the tab heading again on the left-hand side.
5. How do I update my Classmate profile?

1) Click on the Classmates tab. Type your name in the Search box, and hit Enter.

2) If your name is not in the list, go to the Contact Us tab, send us a message, and your initial record will be set up.

3) If we have your email address, click on "Is this you?" and your Username and Password will be sent to you via email. If we have no email address for you, click on the highlighted here in "Fill in your profile here" and proceed to step 5).

4) Now go back to Classmates, bring up your account as in Step 1), and click on Edit Your Profile, then enter the Username and Password that were emailed to you.

5) You can now enter your personal information, and also change your Username and Password if you wish to. The only mandatory fields--Name (First and Last), Email, Username and Password-- will already have entries in them. All other fields are optional. Please note that all information except for email address will be displayed on searches. It's up to you to decide what you want to display--the information you enter is what will be displayed. You can modify your profile as many times as you wish. An updated picture in the Now Photo field near the bottom of the page is certainly welcome.

NOTE: The Comments field is there to update us on your life since we last heard from you, either in the 1993 Update or the 1968 Torch.

6) To ensure you can send and receive messages from other classmates, ensure that the 
Show Send Message Button is checked.

7) When all done, click on Submit and your profile will be updated.

8) Please note that any profile changes will be sent to the site administrator for review.

9) Finally, please consider buying your ticket(s)! Info is in the Buy Tickets section.
6. Why is there no Then photo in the Classmates section to go with the Now photo?

All the Then photos are together in one place in the 1968 Torch section.
7. Once logged out, how do I log back in?

Click on Classmates, then click on Edit Your Profile, and the system will prompt you to log back in.
8. How can I find a classmate that I'm looking for?

In the Classmates tab, just above the first name listed, is a Search box where you can type the person's name or any part of it and then click Search. You can also sort the classmate list by:

- Last Name (the surname currently being used)
- First Name
- Name at Graduation (the surname in '68, also the default)
- Latest Edit (useful to see who just came on board)
- Date of Signup

You can change the number of classmates displayed per page, from 5, to 10, or any multiple of ten all the way to 100.

Lastly, click on Where Are They Now and then a classmate's name to view their location on Google Maps.
9. What should I do if I locate a missing classmate?

Please let us know by using the Contact Us tab, so that the missing student's Classmates profile can be created and they can receive email updates.
10. Is there a dress code for the Saturday night main event at Le Living Room?

Yes, we're enforcing a very strict dress code called Yukon Formal (credit to Steve Stober, who is actually attending a wedding in the Yukon this May). This means wear whatever makes you feel good and ready to celebrate! It means dressy but also practical. Stylish but also comfortable. Casual but also neat. Some examples might include:

1. A nice summer dress accompanied with a plaid shirt because it is cold out.

2. A full tuxedo (because you can).

3. A dress shirt and tie with a pair of khaki shorts. 

4. Jeans and a dress shirt ... 

... or anything else that you feel good in.

Hope that helps.

11. Why are only three hotels listed under Travelers, Accommodations?

The hotels listed are just suggestions. The most convenient and least expensive of the three is Ruby Foo's, in which we are being given a group rate and which is close to both Le Living Room and MRHS as well as a Metro station. The Delta is a very nice downtown hotel with excellent facilities. For anyone desiring proximity to the airport, the Airport Marriott is right in the terminal but more expensive.

Of course, any other accommodation can be arranged at your convenience.
12. Why are there no Airline or Car Rental options in the Travelers section?

We have found that most travelers today are very comfortable using sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, etc., or the companies themselves, to book their flights and/or car rentals. We have however placed information under Air & Car about getting from Trudeau airport to the city. Please let us know if you're having any problems.
13. What the heck is that Mix 'n Mingle scheduled for the Friday night? 

From the Quora Digest:

"Mix" usually means to blend something together, like ingredients for a cake, for example. "Mingle" usually refers to people interacting with other people, as in "We went to the cocktail party to mingle." You could use "mix" in that sentence, as well, but not as effectively, and you would not say "I mingled the ingredients for the cake."

On the Friday night, we plan to have anyone who wishes to attend both mixing and mingling. No mangling allowed though!
14. How do I buy tickets for the Saturday night main event at Le Living Room?

The instructions are in the Buy Tickets section itself, please go there.
15. What's the Sunday Night Stragglers event?

For people who just can't get enough reunionizing, this will be an informal get-together on the final night of the weekend, downtown at Aunt Dai's restaurant on Rue St. Mathieu.
16. What is the difference between the Guest Book, RSVP and Who's Coming tabs?

Guest Book: A place to "sign in" to the site and say hello.

RSVP: Choose any of the three events and answer the questions as to your attendance plans for the weekend. Please read the text at the top of the RSVP page about guests before answering.

Who's Coming: Displays those who have RSVP'd Yes for each of the three events, unless they chose not to be displayed when they RSVP'd. Guest names if they were entered are also displayed.
17. What is the Blog for?

The Blog is there to announce any updates to the site, such as a classmate updating their profile, a change in content, etc. The entries are displayed in reverse date order, and for easy catching up there is an Archives list below Will's monitor.
18. How do I upload photos?

First, click on the Photo Albums tab. Go to the appropriate Album and click on Upload Your Photos. Key in your Name near the bottom (feel free to leave the Email blank), then click on +Add Your Photos. After selecting one or more photos, go to the bottom of the page where the selcted photos will be displayed. Enter a brief description for each in the Caption box, then click on Start Upload. Once it is done, click on Photo Albums again, then either click on View Slide Show or View Page Layout under the Album you selected.

NOTE: Slide Show displays the photos one by one using the right arrow key or by clicking on the photo. Page Layout displays the photos as an array, where you can expand any photo by clicking on it.
19. I'd love to look at our class yearbook again, but lost it long ago. Can I get another one?

No need, it's all online right here. Click on the 1968 Torch tab, then choose to view one of the PDFs:

- The original Torch, published by a bunch of our classmates led by Gail Wong, available for viewing by section.

- The "back pages", which contain local advertisements and family sponsors that today seem much older than just 50 years ago. 

- The update document produced by Steve Vineberg for our very successful 25-year reunion in 1993.
20. Not to be indiscreet, but why so few teachers in the In Memoriam section?

The names listed are the only ones we could find Internet links for. Let us know if you have more information.
21. Web Hits and The Town--what's going on there?

These two tabs are for exploring our lives in the sixties and what has occurred since then. Web Hits provides updated info for about 100 of our classmates as well as links to places and events related to our time then in TMR. The Town is all about TMR itself, jumping between its history and its present. Aside from our old school changing its name, not all that much has changed there!
22. How was it decided which classmates to include in Web Hits?

No fancy algorithm--if you were in our class and there's a Google hit for you, you're there. Of course, some people get multiple hits and a choice had to be made. And some had hits that yielded too little information (or, in a couple of cases, uncomplimentary information). Note: Facebook, Linkedin and any other sites that require a login have been excluded. 
23. Can I suggest an addition or change to the Web Hits or The Town sections?

Absolutely. Just drop us a message using the Contact Us tab.
24. Why do the songs on the Soundtrack tab take a long time to load?

68 embedded YouTube songs is a lot of songs ... if only we had graduated 20 years earlier!
25. Why aren't the songs in the Soundtrack section loading for me?

Insufficient RAM. Either add more, or find and use a machine or device with more RAM. We recommend 8 GB minimum.
26. Love the Soundtrack, but how can I get rid of those annoying YouTube pop-up ads that appear after a few seconds?

We made sure to only select videos that begin right away, without a lead-in ad. But the pop-up ads at the bottom of the screen that appear for some of the videos are really the cost of using YouTube. Of course, you can "X" them away with a click in the upper right corner of the ad, or just wait for them to diappear after a minute or so.
27. Was our music back then really much better than today's?

Watch the video at the end of the Soundtrack section, then decide for yourself. (Hint The answer is YES!)