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Here are the instructions for getting on to the new discussion forum. For future reference, I've copied them both to here and to the Wiki section of our new discussion forum, the home page for which is https://groups.io/g/MRHS1968Class

You need to be a member before accessing the group. If you didn't receive an invitation, email me or Message me here under Classmates and I'll send you one.

When you acess the new web site the first time, the system will ask you to create a password. Take note of it and use it in future when prompted. If your device offers to remember the password, say Yes!

From the home page, you can reach our discussion group by clicking on Your Groups at the top and then clicking on MRHS1968Class. You will be sent to the Topics page where you will see the list of topics, with information about how many replies there have been and who started the topic.

To read or comment on a particular topic, click on the Topic title and use the Reply button to add a comment yourself. You can also click Like for any Comment or click on More if you wish to see all the posts by a particular member.

If you wish to start a new topic, click on New Topic on the left-hand side (fourth item below Home).

You can also email our group at MRHS1968Class@groups.io. On any email you receive from the site, you will have the following options at the bottom:

  - View/Reply Online
  - Reply to Group
  - Reply to Sender
  - Mute this Topic, if you wish to not see any messages on the particular topic
  - New Topic
  - Your Subscription, where you can choose how often you wish to receive messages from the group, including Individual Messages or Daily Summary

If you wish to add a photo to your account, please do, by clicking on your name in the upper right, then clicking on Account, and then Identity, where you can browse for a suitable photo and upload it. Here you can also change your Display Name if desired and/or choose a different User Name.

Any questions or problems, please message me in Classmates or email me.