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January 22, 2018

Overseas adventures

I've never been to either Japan or New Zealand, but thanks to Gail Wong and Joanne MacDonald Giorgi respectively, in the last 24 hours I've spoken to my grade 5 classmate (back to Japan after that) Jun Okumura in Tokyo and alerted Tom Bickerdike in New Zealand about our site here, both by email. Who says technology doesn't make things better?

January 22, 2018


We're now at 102 replies to my Friday email, so past halfway. Updated profiles from Garth Fuller, Brian Sacks, David Solkin, Steve Mariano, Sonia Tomic Lang, Ann Deadman Herring, Stephen Benderoff and Joanne MacDonald Giorgi. Great reading them!

January 21, 2018

Thank you

Thanks to Marcia Campbell Ball for being the first to populate our currently sparse bank account with her ticket purchase--more to follow we hope! And Marcia, the first committee member you bump into at Le Living Room will buy you a drink!

January 21, 2018


We've now received 93 replies to the Friday email, including three teachers. Profile updates from Kerry Riley Ostheimer, Raymond Bendall, Carol Simand Seidman, Ellen Reisman Babby, Michael Prescesky, Marcia Campbell Ball, Joanne MacDonald Giorgi, Yaffa Grunfeld Gruia, John Palmer, and my old good friend Morton Pellatt--don't be so hard to track down next time, Morton!

January 20, 2018


Profile updates from Brian Shell, Alan Cohen, Michael Grossman, Dianne Boyce (whose picture will be rotated soon!), Robert Manus, Jane Kavanagh Cooper, Bruce McEwen, Ann Deadman Herring, and Jeff Skinner (whose scenic picture has me wanting to move!). Oh, and we have 11 RSVPs already for Saturday night, displayed in Who's Coming. Thanks guys.

January 20, 2018

Email replies

71 classmates and 2 teachers have sent the requested reply to yesterday's email, not bad, and thank you!

January 19, 2018


Profile updates entered for Sue Stapells Meyer, Susan Shatilla, Steve Stober and Howard Roseman. Now, you remaining 250 ...

January 19, 2018

We go live!


Number of classmates: 249

Number of teachers: 5

Number of email addresses: 200

Number of missing emails: 54

Number of Jean Beliveau: 4

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