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Sue Stapells (Meyer)
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December 29, 1950 Montreal QC CA Retired Guidance Counsellor Married 2 2018-02-12 16:51:52
It's been a long time since 1968 and I have had several diverse but connected occupations.  What do you do with a B.A. in English except teach, something I do not have the patience for ( although I want to give every teacher major thanks for doing the most important job in the world, and doing it with so much caring!)?! Well I found mysef a job as a receptionist at a personnel agency.  Luckily that did not last long as I soon moved into the job of personell consultant (or flesh peddler as someone called it).  After a couple of years, I moved on to the HR department at a large engineering firm, in charge of the hiring of clerical staff.  I loved it but wanted something more.  After marriage and two daughters, I opened up a drug information and referral centre with 30 volunteers manning the phones 18 hours a day.  I began receiving phone calls from schools asking for drug prevention classes so I developed a program for students from Kindergarten to grade 11. This was lots of fun and a great learning curve towards working in the helping profession.  I had finally found what I wanted to do when I grew up!  So I took my Master's in Counseling Psychology at McGill and that, combined with my experience in the drug field led me to a job in education, first as a Drug Counselor and then a Guidance Counselor.  I was fortunate to work in many different schools and finally landed at James Lyng High School in St. Henri, an inner city school with a wonderful group of kids many of whom were living in pretty horrendous situations.  I was involved in individual, group, family, drug and career counseling for about 20 years and in the last few years introduced a program of Restorative Justice to the students and faculty.  I retired from James Lyng 5 years ago and after working at a couple of other high schools off and on, finally completely retired  2 years ago.
I love being retired and with 2 grandkids, volunteering, walking our husky/german shepherd, working out and getting together with friends, I find myself very busy and content.
I am really looking forward to reading what everyone has to say about their lives on the Classmate pages, and am counting the months until we all remeet again at the reunion.
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Peggy Stefani (Hamblin)
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2017-12-10 19:20:37
Rhoda Stein (Aronson)
July 16, 1951 (613) 722-1160 (613) 722-1160 905 Killeen Ave OTTAWA ON CA K2A 2Y1 occupational therapist Married 2 2018-06-26 18:06:22
Married to Michael Aronson for 45 years.   After graduationg McGill in1972,I worked as an Occupational Therapist in geriatrics in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa.  We have 2 married sons-- 1 in Ottawa and 1 in Brooklyn and a very cute one year old grandson in Brooklyn. Send Rhoda a MessageSend Rhoda a Message
Andrew Stirling
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2017-12-10 19:14:41
Steve Stober
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(416) 702-2208 (416) 702-2208 Toronto ON CA Married 2 2018-07-09 20:07:13
I have been been married to Donna Jacobs (MRHS Graduate 1969) for 40 years in October, 2018 - together for 44 years - a true TMR love story. We were living in Montreal till the last referendum of 1995 then we moved to Toronto a year later. I've had an interesting career; I was trained as a Psychologist and worked in the aerospace world (I started working on human factors research and eventually became VP of Programs at CAE Electronics in Montreal). After 15 years with CAE, I was recruited to run an automation company in the healthcare industry in Toronto and now I own and operate a business here. <-- that's what I said when I first wrote this; things have changed - an opportunity occurred and the result is the sale of my business. Now, I will be focusing on other things... I'll be expanding my activities with two chartible organizations that I've been involved in for a number of years. I plan to spend some time helping people with their dogs; it's amazing what dog owners don't know about their four legged friends and maybe do a little consulting on the side and possibly a write a sequel to my novel JUMP. A relaxed retirement isn't in the cards for me.

Donna is a very busy and a well known Psychologist in Toronto. She's not planning to wind down as of yet. In fact she's expanding her activities to include writing a book on her unique therapeutic approach and she gives workshops a few times a year. We have 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and Maggie our pooch seen with me in the photo.

I had been thinking about writing a thriller for about 10 years. In June, 2011, while shopping at Quincy Market in Boston, I had an inspiraton of an idea which compelled me to tell a story. I started to write my novel in our Boston hotel room that night and didn't stop writing till I had written a full length novel called Jump. It's published on all the various e-reader sites: amazon, kobo, apple etc. You can read the reviews and download a sample of the first 3 or 4 chapters on your computer or e-reader; Search for ‘Stober Jump’. Most of the reviews are on the US Amazon site as most books were sold in the US.

Jump is a thriller centred on a close knit family with a twist. It’s received great reviews and will keep you in suspense. My first challenge was to grip the reader on the first page. I think I did that; you be the judge. Clicking on the link below will take you to Jump's web page where you can quickly read a sample.
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Peter Strain
2018-02-03 09:48:34
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David Stuart
July 18, 1951 (604) 261-3559 2349 West 49th Avenue Vancouver BC CA V6M 2V2 retired medical oncologist Married 2 2018-01-25 16:32:40
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Rodney Swift
March 16, 1951 (561) 733-8776 11685 Cardenas Blvd Boynton Beach FL US 33437 Retired - World Traveller Committed Relationship 2018-09-10 16:36:42
1970     Albert College, Belleville Ont.
1973     Waterloo Lutheran University
1976     University of Toronto
1979     Pacific Western Airlines Vancouver
1986     Simon Fraser University
1987     Los Angeles Unified School District
            Learning Resource Specialist
            Malibu Beach Bum
1991     National University Los Angeles MS Ed Admin
2006     Retired from Los Angeles Unified School District
2006     Panama City Panama
2009     Sunny Isles Florida
2012     Boynton Beach Florida
            World Traveller
            Haulover Beach Bum
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Claire Sydney (Simon)
2017-12-08 10:34:50
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Christopher Szendroi
2018-01-23 22:08:38
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Bob Tabah
2017-12-08 10:01:44
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Debbie Tarshis
2018-01-20 00:36:04
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Judy Tarshis
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Kingston ON CA retired 2018-10-02 00:19:40
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Linda Taylor
May 18, 1951 (705) 791-5588 (705) 424-5626 7727 Simcoe Rd 56 RR#1 Utopia ON L0M1T0 RN not active Single 2018-05-29 11:18:39
After High school, I did a year at Sir George Williams University to get my electives with the thought of getting my degree after Nursing School. I attended the Royal Victoria Training School for Nursing and graduated 1972. My Dad passed away in January 1972 which was a shock to everyone.

I continued to work at the Hospital in the Women’s Pavilion for 4 years and then in private office Nursing at Seaforth Medical. During that time, I did my courses for my degree and graduated in 1980 from now Concordia University.

I moved to Toronto after meeting my now ex-husband(divorced and childless by choice) and worked in Public Health in Peel Region with a one year move to Ottawa and then back to Toronto in Medical Diagnostic Sales, Dictation sales with Lanier Canada/Harris Systems and then recruited in my now home area of Simcoe County where I was a Life Underwriter and Investment Planning professional with London Life.

In 1994 until 2003, I returned to direct nursing in Public Health with secondments to Cancer Care Ontario, Government Steering committees and Information Specialist activities connected to Knowledge Transfer projects at the time.

I started my own business LHTaylor Consulting in 2000 with Keynote talks, Health seminars on health/behavioural change, plenary sessions at conferences, health seminars in The Workplace, Toronto conferences and through the north in bush plane territory going as far as Attawapiskat in February – now, that’s cold!!

I have been doing contracts for the last 12 years interspersed with Workplace Biometric Screening and Flu Clinics for an EAP provider. I am semi retired now and still maintain my license to do various contracts of interest.

I also started working part time with a local retailer just to top up the income and allow some travel! Over the last decade or so, I also ran my own Painting and Downsizing business called S.O.R.T. and really enjoyed the creativity of helping folks with their renovations, downsizing, working with small spaces and finding unconventional uses for items they wanted to keep but weren’t sure how to use or incorporate into their new digs!

I am an animal lover, not so great golfer, intense music lover as well as tree feller/logger (I rent my apartment on a 50 acre parcel and do the grounds as exercise).

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!

Will be heading back to Montreal at end of June for a Family Reunion celebrating my brother Bud’s 70th Birthday(Mar 22/48) and an early piggyback 70th Birthday for another brother, Chuck(June 7/49). Some of you have siblings that went to school with my siblings; and Chuck attended 1967 last year Reunion, too.  
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Susan Teasdale
2018-09-24 14:36:12
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Andrew Thom
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2017-12-10 19:15:05
Sonia Tomic (Lang)
September 24, 1950 (514) 497-7954 5720 Rembrandt Côte st Luc QC CA H4w3a1 Real estate agent Divorced 2 2019-06-16 14:31:29
Hey guys, this is great !! So exciting !! 
Still standing in Quebec :(, two wonderful sons, two beautiful granddaughters yes I've been blessed
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Hal Towle
2017-12-08 10:02:58
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Mary Tremayne (Jaquish)
April 20, 1951 2502 22nd street Vernon BC CA V1T4H2 Artist-potter www.marytremayne.ca Married 2 2019-06-21 19:14:47
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David Valiquet
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2017-11-15 14:38:15
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