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Steve Birrell
2017-12-11 10:15:34
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Susan Boland
2017-12-08 01:56:34
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Bill Bowker
2017-12-08 01:56:51
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Dianne Boyce
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March 18, 1951 Comox BC CA Retired teacher Divorced 2 2018-01-20 22:02:16
After graduating from Queen's, I headed to BC.  Married in Nelson, raised 2 daughters, built a passive solar home on 10 acres, then moved to Victoria.  Taught high school French and English and gradually worked myself into grade 5, so much more fun! I enjoy sailing, cycling and traveling.  After 33 years of marriage, I am now divorced but live 15 minutes away from my oldest daughter, who is a teacher in the Comox Valley.  My 5 year old grand daughter is learning to ski this winter!  A few years ago I went back to TMR to visit the old haunts and of course take in a few games of les Canadiens!  My photo was taken in November 2017  at a friend's wedding in Jamaica (no, the baby is not mine!!) Send Dianne a MessageSend Dianne a Message
Geoff Briant
2017-12-08 01:57:09
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Pauline Brock
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October 02, 1951 Laval QC CA Divorced 2 2018-01-27 18:21:57
Howdy there, I am still in Montreal. Having a nice quiet life with a day job, two grown sons and two grandchildren.  Send Pauline a MessageSend Pauline a Message
Jim Burrows
October 18, 1951 Salt Spring Island BC CA retired Committed Relationship 2018-02-16 09:20:29
It's hard to know what to say but I have fond memories of Mount Royal High.  It was a little difficult to break in to the Townie environment in grade 9.  Things worked out very well, in spite. 
Good luck to everyone with whom I haven't had contact in the last 50 years and I'm sure you will have fun at the reunion.  Chances are that I won't be able to attend due to extenuating circumstances.  I will be there in spirit though.
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Penny Bush (White)
2017-12-08 02:01:57
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Sally Bushe
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2017-12-10 18:46:01
Sheila Byers
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2017-12-10 18:54:10
Eric Calderon
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January 24, 1951 (415) 290-3338 1131 S. Driftwood Drive Palm Springs CA US 92264 Retired calderhospitality.com Married 1 2018-02-19 13:57:29
After early refusals at the Big 3 in Montreal, I decided to hit the slopes in Switzerland for a few years. Graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in '72 and began my career in hotel management as Asst. Chief Steward at the Hotel Bonaventure... Fast forward a decade or so later found me managing the Lodge at Pebble Beach (as a non-golfer), which led me to Aspen where I enjoyed 20 wonderful years as an officer of the Aspen Skiing Company, opening and overseeing a few hotels and private clubs. Got tired of the cold, and joined Auberge Resorts in Mill Valley CA as COO overseeing a group of luxurious boutique resorts. Had a great run until I decided to enjoy life on the trail and tennis courts while my back and knees still function. Partnered with Newton Bartley 33 years ago and step-daughter Jennifer (now 37), who married us under the Golden Gate Bridge about 9 years ago. From a fragile and confusing adolescence, I am indeed blessed and happily retired, spending winters in Palm Springs and summers in Colorado. It does not get much better than that! Send Eric a MessageSend Eric a Message
Brenda Cameron
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2017-12-10 18:56:18
Heather Cameron
(415) 602-6797 4660 Thomas Rd Healdsburg CA US 95448 2018-09-25 01:37:17
Hi Everyone,
I'm so sorry to miss the reunion. 
My husband  (Ward) and I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years. Our son Geoff recently graduated from law school and is beginning his career in LA. I also have two stepsons and three step grandkids all of whom are on the East Coast. I'm still working full time, currently at the University of California.
I'll look forward to hearing about the festivities from MRHS friends who are attending the reunion and will enjoy seeing any photos that you post to the site.
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Marcia Campbell (Ball)
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November 14, 1950 (416) 233-1840 19 Edgemore Dr. Toronto ON CA M8Y 2M9 Retired banker Married 2 2018-05-31 23:10:34
Attended University of New Brunswick after high school then worked in Montreal and Fredericton. Moved to Toronto in 1977 and married in 1979 to Chris. We have two daughters Cynthia and Victoria, the former married with a wonderful two year old daughter and  living quite nearby. Victoria lives and works in Vancouver . One black Labrador named Siena.  
I retired from CIBC Private Wealth Management in 2012 but Chris still working. We live in west end of Toronto and have a cottage on Lake Huron. 
Looking forward to catching up with all! 
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Stephen Carson
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(858) 349-1830 (858) 349-1830 2468 Alto Cerro Circle San Diego CA US 92103 Pediatrician & Pediatric Pulmonologist www.childrenshealthcaremedical.com Married 2 2018-08-04 12:52:50
As I think back more than 50 years to my time at Mount Royal High School, I remain puzzled as to how I managed to score high enough on my matrics to get into McGill given that all of my grades from Algonquin and the 4 years of MRHS were simply average. 

The fact is that 10 years of having my parents reminding me that I simply needed to work as hard as Albert Rosengarten, left me  with limited confidence that I could attain my childhood dream of becoming a physician. If only I had understood at the time that tenacity, passion and ​​perseverance were as important as I.Q.​, then perhaps I would have entered McGill much better prepared and with less angst. 

To this day, I remain surprised that my parents bought my argument that I could do better on my final exams if they would allow me to skip the last 3 months at MRHS so that I could study with Simon Mendelson and Gerry Greenspoon. Interestingly, had my parents dismissed my request as ridiculous, I would not have worked anywhere near as hard to prove to them that I was adult enough be given this responsibility.

In short, I must admit that I did not get as much out of my classes in high school except for Steve Forman's geometry and algebra classes. Instead, what I remember most is the fun that I had with my friends Simon Mendelson, Gerry Greenspoon, Bruce Diamond (R.I.P.), Steve Stober, Howard Roseman, Brian Shell, Malcolm Miller and others while somehow surviving the challenges of adolescent acne and high school dating.

In other words, those were special times largely because we were innocent of the complexities that we would all have to deal with later in life.

Perhaps, that is why one of my favorite films is Stand By Me (1986). The movie's final line, delivered by Richard Dreyfuss defines why my time at MRHS was so special to me. “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?”
My undergraduate days at McGill were much more work and much less fun. However, because of my love of respiratory physiology, I was able to work in the research lab of Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, the discoverer of lung surfactant. My work at the time was to demonstrate the ability of prenatal steroids to accelerate lung maturation and reduce the incidence and severity of Respiratory Distress Syndrome in premature babies. 

I continued that research while completing my 4 years of Medical School at McGill and then completed my internship and residency at Children's Hospital in Boston. Finally, I was recruited to University of California, San Diego Medical School where I have been active in teaching pediatrics while remaining in private practice.

My wife Linda (she grew up in St. Laurent) and I married before relocating to Boston and then San Diego where our son David is a special education teach and my daughter Lauren works as a labor and delivery nurse. My daughter Lauren was kind enough to gift us with 2 granddaughters (Madison Age 5 and Brynlee Age 3). Our son in law is a developer. All of us can be seen in the attached photo.
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Julie Chaikin (Schachter)
2017-12-08 10:09:11
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Marianne Chant
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December 01, 1951 (416) 300-0959 Markham ON CA L3P 1G8 Retired Committed Relationship 2018-08-06 05:21:50
Where does the time go!  I have fond memories of MRHS and growing up in TMR.  Believe it or not I became a CA and have had a wonderful career and have now retired and living in Toronto with my wonderful partner Don.  We will not be able to attend the reunion but wish everyone well. Send Marianne a MessageSend Marianne a Message
Tim Chipman
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2017-12-10 18:56:33
Donna Clark (Rothwell)
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2017-12-10 19:17:07
Paul Cleland
2018-08-19 19:19:14

I am a practicing gastroenterologist in Montreal at the McGill university-based hospitals. I have lived in Montreal since graduation except for 2 years of medical research in London, UK. I also work in northern Quebec at Kuujjuaq and Puvirnituq and  am the sole gastroenterologist for this area.

I have been married to my wife Diana since 1978 and have 2 children aged 32 to 34.

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