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Joyce Douek
(514) 271-1881 (514) 578-3072 4700 ste. Catharine West # 210 Montreal CA H3Z 1S6 1 2018-09-16 00:08:50
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Margaret Douek (Ellner)
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June 17, 1951 (514) 481-8972 632 Lansdowne Westmount QC CA H3Y 2V8 Retired social worker Married 2 2018-01-28 07:49:05
After graduating from Carlton University with a Masters of Social Work, worked briefly in Ontario before returning to Montreal where I presently live.  I worked almost exclusively in the field of child welfare for 40 years and retired three years ago from my position as Executive Director of Bathshaw Youth and Family Centres.
I have been married for 39 years with two children, one of whom lives in Toronto and has three children, and the other lives in Montreal and is expecting on September 22 (presence at the graduation activities is dependent on delivery date)!  Retirement has been a wonderful time of life which I have enjoyed thoroughly.
Many thanks to the organizing committee for all the work on our behalf.  It promises to be a very wonderful event.
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Nicole Douek (Magder)
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2305 Sheridan TMR QC CA H3P2N7 Entrepreneur www.monioutlet.com Married 4 2018-09-27 17:51:00
I have been married 44 years and have lived in TMR ever since I first came to Canada. I graduated from McGill with a BA Honours French but have been working in textiles as well as teaching English as a second language.
I am still working and started a school uniform company in 2013.
I am blessed with 4 amazing children, my daughter Ilana (42) who is a pediatrician in Toronto, my son Jason (40) a journalist for the Montreal Gazette, my daughter Erika (37), marketing manager for a translation company and Talia (28) a criminal lawyer in Vancouver. My 4 grandchildren, ranging in age from 6 years to 2 months all live in Montreal and I delight in our weekly visits.
I am looking forward to seeing my classmates at the reunion.
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Tim Dougherty
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2017-12-10 18:47:00
Don Douglas
2018-01-29 21:30:51
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Kayla Dover (Schneiderman)
2017-12-08 10:14:03
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Peter Downie
2017-12-08 02:17:45
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Nancy Drury
2017-12-08 02:18:06
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Paul Dufour
February 13, 1951 1 (604) 612-4898 1 (604) 612-4898 170-3031 Williams Road Richmond BC CA V7E 4G1 5 different contracts Married 1 2018-02-13 15:32:20
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Jennifer Duncan (Thompson)
April 13, 1951 (416) 464-8017 (416) 464-8017 274 Glengrove Ave West Toronto ON CA M5N1W2 Retired Married 3 2018-07-10 10:29:27
After MRHS graduation, I attended McGill for one year and then transferred to Queen’s University to obtain a BSc. in Mathematics and Computer Science. Greg and I got married in June 1973.   I worked in Ottawa, London (Ontario), Winnipeg and Vancouver, and have been in Toronto since 1985.  

In my last role before retiring, I was Head of Technology for CPP Investment Board.  I retired in 2011 and since then have been enjoying having our three daughters live nearby, with 6 grandchildren.  I play duplicate bridge - in fact am slightly addicted to it!  

We have a cottage in the Muskoka region which I love and spend our summers there.  We also go south for 3 months a year.  

I have kept in touch with Gail Wong and Sue Richardson over the years.  Gail and I recently had a visit in NYC.  

I have many memories of MRHS and over the years have reflected on the circumstances of our time there.  A great place to grow up.  So sad that the political situation scattered us so far and wide.  
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Peter Dux
(928) 566-9800 2115 Palmer Dr. Lake Havasu City AZ US 86406 MD Married 2 2018-07-10 10:32:15
After 20 years of Family Practice in Thornhill Ont. moved to Lake Havasu city Az,Hotest town in USA. Married to Linda for 41 years ,2 kids ,4 grandchildren.Avid skier,luckily have 2nd home in Snowmass Colorado which has been my stress reiief escape. see you in Sept! Send Peter a MessageSend Peter a Message
Ruth Elias
2017-12-08 02:18:50
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Robert Ellis
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2017-12-10 19:00:31
Eric Feigin
2017-12-08 02:19:18
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Sharon Ferguson
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2017-12-10 18:48:10
Jackie Fetaya (Irvine)
July 30 (416) 616-2526 (416) 616-2526 409 Briar Hill Ave Toronto ON CA M5N1M8 retired Married 2 2018-01-26 12:18:20
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Jane Findlay
July 25, 1951 (514) 486-1199 2217 Hampton Montréal QC CA H4A 2K5 Married 1 2018-08-05 17:38:02
After completing a first degree in English and French literature at McGill, I worked for a few years, first as an assistant in a small publishing firm, then as a translator in a bank.   Leaving that job in the late 70's, I went to Europe and spent several years working and studying in England and France.  When I eventually returned to Montreal, I pursued further studies in literature, as well as studying German at the Goethe Institut and doing a degree in translation.  I did some teaching during this period, but worked mainly as a translator.  I still do occasional freelance jobs, but am more or less retired.  These days I spend a lot of time going for long bike trips in summer or hikes in winter with my husband Warren.  I have one son by a former marriage and will become a grandmother in December.

I was looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion, but find that I will not after all be able to attend.  I'm sure you'll all have a great time!
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Janet Finlayson
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(778) 772-1500 4615 Woodgreen Drive West Vancouver BC CA V7S 2V4 Retired Married 2 2018-09-28 11:13:01
Hello Classmates!
To recap my history: I left Montreal for British Columbia immediately upon graduating from McGill with an English degree. After teaching Elementary school for a few years (trained at SFU), I retrained (Masters at UBC) and was employed at Vancouver's GF Strong Rehab Centre as Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor/Practice Leader for 23 years. Taking on some Rehabilitation Consultant contracts also gave me a taste of the private sector.

Since retiring four years ago, I have been truly enjoying more time for family, interests, volunteering and travelling. My husband, Keith Dumont, and I are lucky to have son Stephen (31 years) and daughter Kathryn (29 years) living nearby. Stephen was just married July 28th and we have been hosting large numbers of relatives from far and wide. The final family members left today and my first task was to write this reunion profile!

The photo I chose shows Keith and I on a Tanzanian safari earlier this year. I am very grateful for such opportunities. Some of you might recall Ruth McSkimming (Amos). She was my dear high school friend who passed away in her 50's from cancer. I still share a close friendship with Bev Weaver (Carrick) from those days.

Visiting Montreal next month will be a pleasure. My father lived out his days at Nun's Island and North Hatley, so I used to have a reason to visit from time to time. However, my focus moved to BC (briefly Kamloops, then Port Alice) and mainly the west coast. I am fortunate to live in West Vancouver in close proximity to both mountains and sea. One of my favourite places is Hornby Island, where our family will camp next week.

It has been fascinating to read your profiles and find out how your lives unfolded. Huge thanks to those classmates who have organized this reunion magnificently. See you in Montreal!

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Debbie Fisher
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May 18, 1951 (514) 793-1875 (514) 281-7526 3495 de la Montagne, Apt. 1109 montreal QC CA H3G 2A5 Speech Reading Instructor Married 3 2018-03-07 17:45:02
It is good to think back at our little community where I spent my first seventeen years where enduring values has kept me on keel my whole life.  Too bad youth is wasted on the young.

I spent the first 38 years of my working life at the Montreal Courthouse and retired at age 60 to take care of my mother.  At 65, I moved on to a new career in the field of hearing loss. (I failed retirement.)  I am a speech reading instructor at CHIP and am working to create a new programme to prevent noise induced hearing loss.

My husband and I share a love of travel and divide our time between the city and our home in the Laurentians. 

Many thanks to the hard working committee who has made this possible.
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Judith Fisher (Williams)
2017-12-08 10:14:49
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