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Howard Kobernick
2017-12-08 02:27:52
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Marjolyn Koreman (Peebles)
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2017-12-10 19:19:03
George Kouri
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December 13, 1950 (514) 506-4312 156 Hampshire Beaconsfield QC H9W3N3 Married 3 2018-01-29 09:01:13
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Marilyn Kutscher (Solomon)
2017-12-08 10:25:36
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Penny Lanthier (Baxter)
2017-12-08 10:25:58
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Christine Laphkas
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March 27, 1951 Boitsfort Boitsfort NOT IN US OR CANADA BE 1170 Teacher somewhat retired Divorced 2 2018-08-04 21:32:45
You might think we were posing for a sunglass advertisement in this photograph but that’s not the case. We were wine tasting in Cape Town last Christmas. After an hour of that activity, you need sunglasses as much for the effects of the wine as for the South African sun.

Phaedon, now 34, founder of Cape Coffee Beans, lives in Cape Town with his wife Dianne Piketh. Dianne owns Studio2 Pilates, where hundreds of women have stretched muscles they never knew they had, including her mother-in-law. Dianne and Phaedon are expecting their first baby at the beginning of November. We are all thrilled!

On my left is Paris, now 31. He is based in London as political correspondent to Westminster for Scotland’s oldest newspaper, the Scotsman, writing and writing and writing! Paris studied at the University of Edinburgh and remained in Edinburgh on the staff of various publications before moving down to London.

In 2016, I retired after forty-two years in teaching. The final twenty-four of those wonderful years were spent at The International School of Brussels (ISB) – a very exciting environment, full of fascinating people and opportunities for research and travel. Of course, I will never forget my very first years teaching at St. George’s School of Montreal where I learned the most useful, state of the art basics of teaching. In between, there were years in graduate school and there were positions at smaller schools in Greece that allowed me to make great friends.

Brussels has been home for quite a while and I am still involved in ISB life. I substitute often and help regularly in the high school Service Learning Department, supervising senior students working with refugee children at a local centre that offers services of all kinds. My job involves on site supervision of ISB students and training as well. I do some more direct work with refugees too, which is very rewarding. Hauling them out of the Aegean Sea may not be a possibility for me at this point but there is plenty to do here in Brussels.

I get in my yoga and Pilates. Travel has been plentiful and not only thanks to the boys and their choice of universities (Phaedon went to the University of Pennsylvania) and “hub” choices. I have been to Florence thirteen times and to Trier seven. Greece? Just about every summer. I get back to Canada about every two years and I am so very happy that 2018 landed on the right square allowing me to participate in this amazing reunion.

Thank you to all the organisers for their hard work and friendly determination.
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Shelley Leibovitz
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2017-12-08 10:51:58
Mark Leith
2017-12-08 02:28:32
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Judi Leopold (Berman)
2017-12-08 10:26:15
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Gloria Lerner (Liederman)
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2017-12-10 19:19:22
Susan Levitsky
2017-12-08 02:40:51
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Mindy Liberman
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April 30, 1951 North Hollywood CA US Librarian retired Married 2 2018-03-06 07:12:29
I moved to Los Angeles in 1983. My husband grew up there although he was born at the Royal Vic too. I worked at the Glendale Public Library until 2009. Our oldest daughter is a chemist at McGill, just by chance, and our 2nd daughter teaches public health nutrition online at Michigan State University and works out of our house in North Hollywood. I don´t miss the cold winters, but I definitely miss Montreal. Send Mindy a MessageSend Mindy a Message
John Liddy
2018-02-05 16:30:59
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Shirley Lotosky
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2017-12-10 19:09:57
Ian MacArthur
2017-12-08 02:41:07
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Joanne MacDonald (Giorgi)
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November 17, 1950 Westmount QC CA Retired IT Manager Married 2 2018-08-27 17:20:20
Hello fellow grads of MRHS '68.  After graduating from MRHS I completed Grade 12 here in Mtl before attending Carleton University in Ottawa.  I graduated with a B.Sc. in Math.  Although at that time there was no official Computer Science program I took advantage of enrolling in several computer related courses which set the stage for my career. 

After university I returned to Montreal and worked various programmer /analyst postions.   Yes back in era of Cobol, Fortran, Assembler and on keypunch cards!  One of my earlier jobs was with the  Royal Victoria Hospital ( Joint Application Hospital Services) where I designed , coded and implemented systems such as Blood Gas Analysis and Operating Theatre Usage.  While I was working at Bell Canada I moved from technical side to managerial.  I worked at Bell through CGI  for 22 years primarily in areas of  Investment & Cost Systems, Operator Services and DataBase Architecture.  Then for another 15 years for the Airline AC and Air Rewards (Aeroplan) industry as part of the Project Management Office departments.   I have been happily retired since Nov 2015 .

My husband Julian (Giuliano) and I have been married 44 years this May .  Julian was born in Venice and immigrated to Montreal in 1967 ( year of Expo !).  We have 2 children,  a  daughter and son and a granddaugther(my daugther's).  

Like many of you I attended Dunrae Gardens elementary school.  Back then majority of students walked to school and came home for lunch.    

I have fond memories of playing the clarinet in the band - the practices with Doc Jones, the exhange visits with the US and various performances we gave in the city.   Some other teachers who made a positve impression on me were Mr. Forman (Math), Mr. Bramble (Chemistry) and Dr. Smart(Biology).

I am enjoying the "retirement life".  Lots of fitness Tonus, Zumba, Aero-Kickboxing, attending university lectures and making travel plans.  Also just leave door open to partake in new experiences such as watercolour painting.

Hats off to the MRHS organizing committee - you have done a super job.  Website is fantastic!   I really look forward to seeing everyone in September.       
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Robert MacDonald
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2017-12-10 19:10:11
Stuart MacDougall
April 11, 1951 (604) 318-8687 (604) 318-8687 3803 West 19th Avenue Vancouver BC CA V6S1C7 Vice-President BMO Nesbitt Burns Married 1 2018-11-29 14:14:45
Since we last convened I am still in Vancouver bringing up a 12 year old, Harrison, with my sweet lady Christine. I am on the back nine in my career at BMO Nesbitt Burns as an Investment Advisor (1979) and still enjoying it (when it goes up). I still play hockey, ski, work my kid out on the basketball court and find time twice a week to work-out with my trainer. I play in a rock band as the lead singer and occasionally play some guitar. All proceeds go to charity. Love an active lifestyle (have to with my active 12 year old) and still go to Canuck Games and concerts on a regular basis. Love good food and wine and enjoy the company of my many friends. So far so good. Send Stuart a MessageSend Stuart a Message
Peter MacKinnon
October 05, 1950 (226) 773-0004 159 Pheasant Run Dr Lakeshore ON CA N0R 1A0 Retired Married 2 2018-09-10 19:57:43
1969: I went to Dawson College for two years after H.S. and graduated with a pre university deploma. 
1971: I joined KLM Airlines as a Cargo Warehouseman and worked for the company for 3 years.  During my time at KLM I took a few university courses at night. I followed the course requirements for a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia. 
May 1974: I decided to leave KLM to seek a more challenging employment.
June 1974: I was hired by TD Bank in Montreal as a management Trainee.
1986: I was fortunate to have an international posting with TD in the Bahamas for 3 1/2 years. My wife Pat was pregnant with our daughter Katie when we moved to the Bahamas and our second child Mike was born in 1988.
1990: My posting in the Bahamas came to an end and we were transferred by TD to Toronto. We spent 10 years in Toronto where I held a number of management positions.
1993: I successfully completed the curriculum for a Bachelor Of Commerce Degree from Concordia University. It was a long haul to obtain that piece of paper however the satisfaction of accomplishment was well worth it in the end.
2000: I was transferred to Windsor, Ont. as an Account Manager Commercial Lending for Small to Medium size businesses. I spent 11 years in the position and loved every day going to work.
2011: I retired from TD Bank after 37 years of service.  Pat and I purchased a motorhome and spend every winter in Florida. 
2017: My daughter Katie delivered a baby girl Eleanor (Ellie). We became grandparents for the first time. 
2018: My son Mike got married and on Sept 8th Pat and I became grandparents for the second time to a baby boy named Jory.

All in all my life has been blessed with a loving family, good friends, stable employment and the ability to travel. I often reflect on the time spent at MRHS and have very fond memories of the past.

I've booked my flight and am patiently awaiting for the weekend of Sept 28th to arrive.  See you all at the dinner Saturday. 
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Clarke Madgett
September 05, 1949 (514) 942-7959 285 Jolliet Saint Bruno QC CA J3V 1G2 Semi retired - sales Married 3 2018-07-10 10:38:20
I live my life with my family outside Montreal in St  Bruno . I have ,with my wife Lynne , 3 children (2boys and a girl ).  We have lots of grandchildern .
  During my working life I have been in industrial sales in Quebec and atlantic Canada. During my career I worked for several companies of these I started 3 companies. I sold 2 and am working for the 3rd in s semi retired fashon . This might sound convoluted and it is ,aparently I am more than a handful to supervise so this works well for customers ,suppliers and me .
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